These Are The Weirdest Objects Found Between Walls Of Their House

Living inside an ancient house is both terrifying and exciting. It is so adventurous to learn the past stories of these wonderful places and the thrill behind them. There are popular stories online where people talk about the outrageous or the amazing things they see inside their ancient homes, particularly in behind their walls.

Here are some of them:

-Yes! This is as outrageous as you would ever think it would be but there are instances when cats were placed behind the walls because of the belief that they would turn away bad spirits. This became popular during the 17th century in England and indeed, there are dozens of reports about mummified cats discovered in the walls of some resident.

-There was an incident of missile being discovered in a residence in Wisconsin way back April of 2011. According to reports, a 20-inch Korean missile with a five-inch explosive head was discovered by a man behind his walls. It was then later revealed that the former resident of that house was a Korean war veteran.

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-If you would ever discover hidden cameras behind the walls of your rented apartment, you would surely feel terrified. This is the exact feelings of an Australian couple when they discovered dozens of hidden cameras behind the wall of their rented unit.


-This painting is an interesting find because of its price tag and because of the story behind it. This Norman Rockwell painting was hidden by a man behind the walls of their mansion so that his wife won’t see it during their divorce. He instead hung  a fake one to replace the one he hid.

-A homeowner was delighted when he found army men figurines behind the walls of the house he is renovating. However, he was then shocked to discover that they are actually hanging as their necks had strings tied onto it.

Here some picture of them:

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